Residential Maintenance Agreement
Spring & Fall Inspections
Our expert Affordable Comfort Technician will inspect your central air conditioning & heating systems for proper operation to make 
sure they are in top working order for the upcoming heating or cooling season.  Any necessary repairs will be made at that time.
Spring Inspection - Central Air Conditioning
  • Check operating pressures
  • Check voltage & amperage to motors
  • Check air temperature drop
  • Wash condensor coil
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Check belt & adjust tension
  • Check filter system
  • Check contactor
  • Check thermostat
  • Check condensate drain
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We process your payment through Paypal for your security and convenience.  It is NOT necessary to have a Paypal account to process your payment.  You can choose to pay for your 1 Year Residential Maintenance Plan in one, two or three payments.  Service will not begin until the payment is made in full.  Please note you can save $20 by paying in full.  Also, you can save an additional $20 by referring your friends, neighbors and relatives to Affordable Comfort.  The referral payment will be credited to your account when your referral becomes our customer.
(262) 886-9075
(262) 886-9075
1 Year Residential Maintenance Plan
Number of payments 3
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at checkout$59.99 USD
Every 1 month (x 2)$59.99 USD
Total $179.97 USD
1 Year Residential Maintenance Plan
Number of payments 2
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$94.99 USD
Every 1 month (x 1)$94.99 USD
Total $189.98 USD
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Program Benefits:
Priority scheduling
Discounted services
No overtime charges
Exclusive offers
Peace of mind

Program Features:
Reduces utility bills
Extends equipment life
Reduces major repairs
Improves indoor comfort
Ensures equipment 
(tenant, etc.)
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Affordable Comfort
1430 9th St.Racine, WI. 53403
The energy savings agreement program is designed to check, clean and maintain your comfort system, to promote reliability, safety, and efficiency. The program establishes inspection criteria for the complete analysis and performance check of the system at all points that would system normally  wear  and  tear  due  to  age  and  operation. Our goal is to provide a protection against major breakdowns by the recommendation of replacing common wear parts and thus eliminating unexpected losses of comfort. All work shall be performed in accordance with the specifications submitted above and shall be completed in a substantial workmanlike manner according to standard business practices. Any alteration or deviation from the above specifications have involve extra costs will be accepted only upon written orders, and will become an extra charge over and above this estimate. All agreements contingent upon accidents or delays beyond our control. Owner to carry fire, tornado and other necessary insurance. 
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All maintenance plans are valid for 1 YEAR from the Maintenance Plan Start Date.
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1 Year Residential Maintenance Plan
Number of payments 1

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Due                     Amount
At checkout                  $169.97 USD
One time payment        $169.97 USD
Total                            $169.97 USD
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Fall Inspection - Heating System
  • Check thermostat & safety controls
  • Check & clean burners
  • Check & adjust pilot assembly
  • Adjust burner for efficiency
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Check belt & adjust tension
  • Check filter system
  • Check flue pipe
  • Check for gas leaks at unit
  • Check total performance of unit
Maintenance Agreement Benefits
  • Planned maintenance
  • Lower monthly energy costs
  • Easy on your budget
  • Priority emergency service
  • Convenient online scheduling
  • Extended equipment life
  • Discount on parts
  • Discount on labor
  • Maintenance records kept on file
  • Payment plans available